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Mission statement


Brett Property is based in Swindon and surrounding areas. Brett Property is an investment company and a development company with solid foundations. We have a portfolio that has been grown over the last 15 years to provide a resilient company that can provide growth and stability.

We are constantly buying, renovating and building new properties to add to our portfolio. The portfolio is in safe hands as we manage all our own properties with our own lettings team.

We uniquely manage the full process from sourcing new properties, to design, through to construction and asset management. We only work on our own properties and we retain 100% of every property we work on. Longevity is key for us. We grow at a steady rate year on year, whilst making sure all elements of the portfolio are managed to the highest standards.

As we run a full construction team and renovate and build all our own properties, we make sure that are built to the highest standard with longevity and durability in mind.

For reference our company is split in two areas:

Brett Property Investments Ltd – This holds, maintains and manages all our properties.

Brett Property Developments Ltd – This is the construction side, which designs, builds and develops all our projects which end up in our portfolio.

Our history

Phil started in property in 2009 and formed Brett Property in 2011. We have vast experience across a large variety of property projects. From new build homes to commercial conversions to running student accommodation and private HMOs and everything inbetween. Please see below an outline of the company’s history and progression.

Focused only on small renovation and flip projects. We would find run down houses, fully renovate the properties and sell them on.

Focused mainly on either building larger projects out and selling them or finding sites to gain value by running lucrative planning applications and selling the sites on. We of course continued with the day to day smaller renovations as well.

We now had the build experience and a pool of funds large enough to start growing our own portfolio. This mainly consisted of HMOs across the student market, private sector and supported living market.

We dialled down in the Swindon area and started to grow our own construction team. This gave us the momentum and capability to grow and scale up our own portfolio.

We did still sell some of our ready made HMOs onto investors and also had the off flip project. We still ran larger planning sites in the background, however the main focus of this period was building our own portfolio to provide the stability of a reliable monthly operating income from the rents.

With a tried and tested full construction team in place we scaled our conveyor belt of producing HMOs further (in one year 21-22 we built 24 x 6 HMOs all back to bare brick renovations).

We added more highly skilled team members which allowed us to tackle larger and more complex commercial conversions to residential. Highlights being:

  • A hotel converted to 10 flats
  • A pub converted to 6 luxury flats
  • A nursery converted to 4 x 5 bed HMOs
  • An office block converted to 4 flats and 2 x 7 bed HMOs

We continue to progress our planning projects along with a 9 x 4 bed detached luxury housing scheme currently at planning and multiple other commercial conversions. A key to our success is we have a diverse range of the properties we build and renovate, but also a diverse range of end users as tenants. This variety is a key focus of ours to help maintain a solid and stable portfolio.

Core values


We are committed to adding high
quality housing stock to our


We have a proven track record in
building a substantial and
successful investment portfolio.


We have meaningful partnerships
and full transparency with our