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Become an investor with
brett property

At Brett Property we offer the opportunity to invest with us. As specialists in the market we take away all the headaches that can come with investing in property and give investors a guaranteed fixed rate monthly return on their money.

An investor video will be coming soon, but for now please see our latest HMO. This our 82nd HMO renovation completed to date.

Why invest
with us?

With Brett Property you can get very high rates of return on your money invested, whilst knowing your money is safe with an established company.

Download our investment brochure to find out more about investing and the rates you can receive on your money.


Benefits of working
with brett property

Security for

Loans are secured against the entire company’s portfolio not just one asset or one deal, eliminating any risk. The company has a very established portfolio.

Proven track

We have proven over the last 12 years we can deliver projects from start to finish. We have proven over and over that we are experts at creating high yielding assets.


We have our own construction company that solely works alongside us, we don’t have to rely on contractors to deliver and build our portfolio, we do it all ourselves.


The numbers evidence we are what we say we are. Feel free to check our records on Companies House for peace of mind.


We have completed over 75 HMO renovations. We know every area inside out, from design, build, furnishing, operating, and management.


We have a physical location with offices, a warehouse, a builders yard and multiple different vehicles. We have everything in place to deliver growth to our portfolio.


We keep the management of our portfolio in house. We have our own experienced team running our portfolio providing 5 star service to our tenants.


We are experienced in business growth and know only too well growing at scale needs to be done correctly. Our history shows consistent growth year on year.


We have a young and dynamic owner and team. We have a 40 year plan in place. We are consistently future proofing the company. We are here to stay for the longterm.


We have a mixture of property types, projects and end users. End users consist of working professionals, students, support living companies, local government and charities, providing multiple streams of income and reducing risk.

Strong longterm

We have been consistently working with the same professionals for 14 years. Professionals such as agents, architects, solicitors, lenders, accountants and many others are key in growing a successful portfolio.


The portfolio we have built is testament to the successful history of the company. Knowing all the hurdles that come with building a large portfolio, gives reassurances that we are adaptable and soon turn problems into solutions.


Investing with us couldn’t be easier. There are no problem tenants, maintenance or chasing rents, just a fixed interest payment paid monthly into your account from Brett Property.

High interest

Higher than savings accounts – Yes, higher than typical yield on owning a property – Yes, higher than trading the stock market – yes. Get the highest fixed returns hassle free.

Monthly interest

All investors get their interest paid directly into their account. There is no onerous contract, and your money is only locked in for a maximum of 12 months. No long term commitment is needed.